"I really can't thank you enough for your help and advice.  You've kept us calm and organized, we wouldn't have managed without your help."

"Bonnie you are quite amazing.  Let me tell you that we did as you said.  I do believe that your efforts and sage truly made a difference.  Well worth the consultation fee.  Needless to say we require no additional services and are tremendously grateful for all you've done."

"We consider your consultation fee the best we have spent in a long time - we have the happy task of now taking down Thomas's missing posters"

"The biggest thing you gave to us was hope, it allowed us to work in an organized manner, staying mostly calm, until we found him.  Thank you again for your  advice and support."

"Thank you so much for your support, are you on YELP so that I can give you 5 stars?"

"A huge and special thank you to Bonnie for guiding us and giving us direction on how to catch a lost dog! You are amazing."

"The advice you gave us on expanding the search area and using calming signals was imperative in getting her back.  We thought she would recognize us, but she didn't.  She would have ran if you hadn't told us to use calming signals.  Thank you so much!'

"Thank you so much for your advice, it was crucial to getting her back safely."

"I can't thank you enough for your for your help.  Your advice was vital in bringing him home."